Christopher Martin

16 years working as a teaching assistant and technician at Tonbridge School and a DATA consultant for 15 years. A professional mechanical/production engineer with 63 years experience in design and manufacture and 50 years works and general management in a wide range of industries. Having had what I considered on refection a great apprenticeship and further education as a basis for my career I decided having semi retired to put something back into the educational system. General Areas of Consultation Vocational Education. Equipment purchasing advice . Resolving workshop layout problems careers advice. Will travel 75 miles in the U.K and happy to travel overseas

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Locations: Tunbridge Wells


Health and Safety Trainer
S10HS - Grinding and Sharpening
S12HS - Technicians - essential knowledge, skills and understanding
S1HS - Wood Sawing Machines
S2HS - Centre Lathe
S4HS - Metal Arc Welding
S5HS - Oxy-Acetylene Welding and Cutting
S6HS - Milling and Machining
S7HS - Wood Turning Lathe
S8HS - Planer/Thicknesser Machines
S9HS - Portable Power Tools
SCHS - Secondary Core
SFHS - Food Technology
SMHS - (Secondary Materials)
STHS - Textile Technology