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When you stop and think about it, virtually everything around us has been designed and engineered in some way. Linking Educators and pupils in schools with a variety of Industries is paramount, highlighting inspiring career paths, adding valuable context to learning and ensuring future UK economic growth.

As one of our 33,000 UK and International members, we will provide you with access to services and products that will enable teachers to deliver excellent design and technology at every educational stage, giving young people the knowledge, skills, and personal attributes (sometimes called ‘soft skills’) needed when entering the workplace. You will be health and safety compliant and have access to and become involved with training and advocacy. Design and technology is our future. That’s why it must be front and centre of our educational system.

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Teachers nationwide unite to inform a vision to rejuvenate D&T

The Vision Paper, entitled "Reimagining D&T," has been created after a series of face-to-face and online teacher consultations in nine cities across the country. Teacher feedback helped to outline key proposals, recommendations and calls for action from the government.

The proposals include:

  • Increasing the Initial Teacher Training (ITT) bursary to match other STEM subjects, establishing incentives for industry professionals to transition into teaching design and technology.
  • Urging the government to find funding to allow all teachers of design and technology across both primary and secondary sectors access to a protected budget to allow for subject-based training.
  • This will allow non-specialists teaching the subject to bring their knowledge and skills up to date and will allow specialists to develop their strengths in identified development areas.

The Vision Paper addresses the need for curriculum development in both primary and Key Stage 3 (KS3) levels. It advocates for a greater emphasis on sustainability, energy conservation, design thinking, empathetic design, teamwork, and presentation skills. The proposal also highlights the successful trial of additive manufacturing in primary education and calls for funding to extend this initiative nationally. Read the full Reimagining D&T document here 

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