Lee Hull

During my 25 years teaching experience, I have accumulated extensive knowledge and experience in different aspects of Design and Technology. Since graduating with a degree in Design and Technology in 1986,I have not only taught students multiple interrelated subjects at different levels, but I have also managed departments, liaised with the different examination authorities, and trained and mentored other teachers in formal and informal roles. All of this while continually adapting my teaching methods and techniques.

 I began my teaching career in 1986, where I taught AS-level Graphics. I have subsequently taught Graphics at the GCSE level, along with Resistant Materials, Graphic Products, and Product Design at Key Stage 3 and 4 levels. Throughout those experiences,I have gained extensive experience in enhancing pupils' enthusiasm and engagement with the subjects through multiple methods, and have used relevant aspects of the National Curriculum programme of study to produce teaching material suitable for a wide range of learners. At another setting, I introduced an automaton project which was highly engaging for pupils and staff alike. These methods extend to pastoral work, where I have planned educational visits to the Design Museum and managed Gifted and Talented enrichment events.

 Throughout my career, I have keep abreast with developments in teaching and learning through attending school based or other in-service training. I continually adapt my teaching so that it is more differentiated, relevant and inclusive. Moreover, I have worked to form cross curricular links with JCT, Science, Maths, Expressive Arts and Humanities, for the benefit of both pupils and staff.

 Linked to that work, my career has established me as an education professional adept at providing leadership in subject  area, department, and the broader school community.

 I proposed and established the BTEC Construction Level 2 course at a school. This involved my conducting prior research, pitching the course to the administration, training the required assessors, and implementing the course itself. As part of this implementation, I trained for the position of Lead Internal Verifier before the course was implemented in November 2010. In this leadership role, I held regular meetings with the Quality Nominee and the assessors and annual meetings with the Standards Verifier.

 On a broader level, my years of professional experience mean that I am often called upon to guide and counsel senior staff. I have successfully worked with senior staff to implement new courses, as well as designing GCSE syllabi. Moreover, I have compiled and analysed detailed student exam results for the Governors and senior staff, explained that analysis to them, and used that as the basis for strategising how to improve future exam results. These efforts have led to improved examination results in every subject  area that I lead.

 My years of experience have also led me to take a leading role in teaching and mentoring other teachers in both a formal and informal manner. I have inducted several Newly Qualified Teachers during my career. Some of the formal mentoring I have successfully completed includes my being the subject mentor for two "Beginning Teachers" who successfully ' completed their teaching placements in 2010, and a two year mentorship of a Teach First trainee who achieved a grade of "outstanding" under my tutelage.


Furthermore, my career has given me opportunities to take on management and administration roles. For example, I have deputised for the Leaming Area Leader, meeting with the senior management team and other Leaming Area Leaders. As Subject Leader, I have updated Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 provisions, led my team on Open Evenings and Key Stage 4 Option evenings, and guided my team through Local Authority and OFSTED inspections. In that inspections role, I have formally observed lessons and ensured that books and folders are marked regularly to the School's marking policy. Similarly, I have liaised with the Examination Officers and ensured that students are entered for the appropriate courses and that all deadlines are met.

 In conclusion, this position is an opportunity for me to bring experiences, skills and knowledge that I have gained over the years. My teaching record shows my ability to disseminate information in a succinct manner to enrich student's learning experiences, and my years as an effective form tutor and pastoral head shows exceptional listening and empathic skills.


Locations: Nationwide


Health and Safety Trainer
PHS - Primary School Health and Safety
S10HS - Grinding and Sharpening
S12HS - Technicians - essential knowledge, skills and understanding
S1HS - Wood Sawing Machines
S2HS - Centre Lathe
S3HS - Casting Non-Ferrous Metals
S4HS - Metal Arc Welding
S5HS - Oxy-Acetylene Welding and Cutting
S7HS - Wood Turning Lathe
S8HS - Planer/Thicknesser Machines
S9HS - Portable Power Tools
SCHS - Secondary Core
SMHS - (Secondary Materials)
STHS - Textile Technology
Medium/long term planning
Product Design
Rooms and building layout and design
Short term planning
Tools, materials, equipment and resources
CPD - planning and delivery
Examination analysis
GCSE / GCE planning and delivery
Medium/long term planning
Monitoring & evaluating D&T provision
Overseas work
Product Design
Rooms and building layout and design
Short term planning
Special SEN & D&T
Subject leadership / management
Subject review & report / prep for OFSTED
Technical quals planning / delivery
Tools, materials, equipment and resources
Writing text book course materials