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Trainee Secondary

£28 per annum

Secondary Trainee Membership has been designed specifically to support the needs of new teachers whilst they are training. Everything you need to teach at a very much reduced cost whilst you are training. Login and download the magazines from the Resource Shop

Monthly membership for less than the price of a cup of coffee, £2.33 per month by direct debit (annual DD is also available).  See payment options

Payments must be made within 14 days of joining the D&T

This membership option is available to you for 12 months whilst you are training and you must provide us with the name of your training provider. Please email this information to

Your membership will automatically renew onto the ECT Membership option as you move into your first year as a newly qualified teacher

Access membership products, services and benefits and have your own personal login to the website and members area.  If your school decides to take over payment of your membership package, it is simple to upgrade to a whole school membership.

Take advantage of all the support, guidance and expert advice available.


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