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Bio Bags
11-14 Years
First published 2010

A project that has been run twice across the South West with a mixed KS3 group of 18 pupils from three different schools in Cornwall involved a one day visit to the Eden project. The emphasis was on pupils developing creative ideas (stimulated by biomimicry), to design bags for use at the location. The project could equally have been run at a local garden centre, botanical garden or park. On site, the pupils interviewed specific bag owners about the features of bags people use. To ensure that the project was successful:

  • all staff were enthusiastic and determined to make the event work and were clear of their respective roles;
  • a well resourced teaching/home base was established at the Eden Project;
  • there was prior liaison with Eden education staff;
  • the use of technology (cameras/printers) was carefully thought through;
  • pupils given responsibility within a framework;
  • pupils were stimulated by short initial presentation;
  • the day very carefully timetabled - short sharp sessions and pupils give  clear objectives drawn from an agreed matrix;
  • each pupil was given a map of Eden and a timetable with objectives for each session.

Pupils used digital photography to help them to see and create a reservoir of resources to stimulate their thinking. They then used paper modelling to develop their concepts working both in teams and pairs.  They were then able to produce working prototype's using textiles.

This PowerPoint resource outlines the project and includes examples of pupils observing and recording stimulus material and putting their research to use in modelled outcomes.

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