Make it Safe!

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Make it Safe!
Health and Safety guidance for the teaching of Design and Technology in primary schools

Updated and fully revised in 2024


D&T activities in primary schools are, for the most part, safe – and great fun! A few simple precautions will enable teachers to work with confidence and provide a rich experience for children.


  • Organising things
  • Using chemicals and substances
  • Things that are dusty
  • Electrical things
  • Using electricity
  • Things that fly
  • Using food
  • Things that are heavy
  • Things that are small
  • Things that are hot
  • Using powered tools and equipment
  • Things that are sharp or pointed
  • Things that are smelly
  • Managing health and safety in Design and Technology
  • References

This A4 booklet is for general guidance and should be read in conjunction with your Local Authority or employer’s Health and Safety policy and your own school’s Health and Safety policy.

Other documents that provide advice on health and safety which you are recommended to consult include: ‘Be Safe!’ from the Association for Science Education, ‘The Design and Technology Primary Subject Leaders’ File’ and ‘BS 4163:2021 + A1:2022 Health and safety for design and technology in educational and similar establishments – Code of practice’.


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