Primary Subject Leader File 2023 Edition

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Primary Subject Leaders File – PDF file format

For all Primary Design and Technology subject leaders/co-ordinators.

Fully updated in June 2023

This guide (provided as a downloadable PDF) contains useful information on all aspects of subject leadership in Primary D&T, including practical information on:

  • ·        Leading and Managing Design and Technology
  • ·        Curriculum Planning
  • ·        Resources and Health & Safety
  • ·        Subject Knowledge and its Application

It provides a comprehensive set of materials addressing all the major aspects which subject leaders would be expected to address in their role. It includes up-to-date information on the requirements of the National Curriculum for Design and Technology and the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

This file is one of a range of publications and guidance developed by the D&T Association to help teachers in primary schools. In particular, it complements the Association’s Projects on a Page primary scheme of work and is consistent with the range of freely available National Curriculum guidance published on the Association’s website. When used with these publications and guidance it provides most, if not all, of the basic written material subject leaders require to carry out the role.

The notes in the file have been designed for very busy primary teachers, who may have limited training in design and technology and do not consider themselves to be experts in the subject. It is also intended as a useful point of reference for more experienced subject leaders who want to bring their D&T knowledge up-to-date and get to grips with the latest developments in the subject. The overall aim is to improve the quality of teaching and learning in D&T in order to maximise children’s progress in the subject, as well as develop teachers’, governors’ and parents’ understanding of design and technology.


1.1 Introduction

Leading and Managing Design and Technology

2.1 The role of the subject leader

2.2 Guidance on developing or updating a design and technology policy

2.3 Subject improvement planning

2.4 Monitoring and evaluation

2.5 Teaching assistants

Curriculum Planning

3.1 Design and Technology in the National Curriculum

3.2 Principles of curriculum planning

3.3 Assessment, recording and reporting

3.4 Inclusion and special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) in D&T

3.5 Working with business and industry

3.6 Citizenship and British values

3.7 Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Resources and Health & Safety

4.1 Managing tools, equipment and materials

4.2 Managing the learning environment

4.3 Health and safety

Subject knowledge and its application

5.1 Subject knowledge and its application – introduction

5.2 Designing and making skills

5.3 Drawing skills

5.4 Construction materials

5.5 Construction kits

5.6 Textiles

5.7 Food

5.8 Mechanical and electrical systems

5.9 Structures

5.10 Computing

5.11 Evaluating existing products


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