Designing with textiles

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Age 7-11 years
First published 2011

Designing with textiles.
This resource is aimed at older primary children who have had some previous experience of working with fabrics. It will help them generate and develop practical, functional ideas and make models and mock ups to test their design thinking. It will also help them to make patterns, templates and/or nets (using a computer if appropriate), improve their making skills (cutting and joining fabrics) and then evaluate their product in use. What the children make can either be focused on a particular product or more open-ended (e.g. textile containers) depending on their previous experience.

Other ideas that can be developed include: product analysis, star diagrams for evaluation, computer aided design for patterns and fabric design and embellishing of fabrics (using tie dye, embroidery, appliqué, fabric paints and crayons).

The resource contains two PowerPoint presentations (teacher and pupil versions) which can be used as an audio visual resource or printed out to form work cards for the individual stages. There are also pupil worksheets and help sheets outlining the different stitches (back stitch, cross stitch, blanket stitch, chain stitch, couching stitch, running stitch and over-sewing stitch) that they might use and encounter.

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