Gears and Pulleys

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Ages 7-11 years
First published 2012; fully updated 2019

A set of two PowerPoint presentations and teacher guidance to help develop children’s understanding of how to use gears and pulleys at upper Key Stage 2; the resource might also be useful for some younger children. The PowerPoints introduce technical vocabulary and explain all the key principles involved including outlining the equipment needed for related focused practical tasks. The slides can be printed out and used to support the classroom display and the resource can also be used as a starting point for a staff meeting/workshop. The children’s PowerPoint includes prompts, examples of gear usage and questions on gears and pulleys in use.

Design and make tasks include examples of frames for fairground rides or moving vehicles, and include suggestions for including programmable control using Crumble microcontrollers.

These resources are designed to help with some of the technical aspects of design and technology. They come in a variety of forms including PowerPoints and posters. Some are designed for teachers’ own use whilst others are suitable for children.

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