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Podcasts and career videos are brought to you to entertain, inform and inspire. A must listen.... ☆☆☆☆☆ “Really enjoy listening to these discussions on the way to work. A must for any Design and Technology teacher. Some great ideas for inspiring and enthusing pupils.” - via Apple Podcasts

Inspiring Podcast


"An Incredibly inspiring podcast for a Ect DT teacher who has come to teaching late in life after 30 years as a designer, I really enjoy listening to the variety of guests who are connected to DT education, fascinating!"  - Sophie Griffiths, UK

Great Listen


“These conversations are so great for designers, students and educators. They give such a great overview of the journey through world of design and all the interesting paths and opportunities available. It also shows how design in schools links so well to industry.” - Nat Stevens via Apple Podcasts

Engaging Enlightening and makes me want to “make”


“Brilliant series of podcasts! As a mature trainee D&T teacher I am loving listening to the marvelous stories from all the guests. They help provide context for lessons and get the mind buzzing about all the opportunities that there are out there. Fascinating insights to the working life of designers which, I can relate to on so many levels and always links back to classroom practice in some way. I only wish there was an episode released per day!” -  casluck via Apple Podcasts