Nick Grey

Founder and Managing Director of Grey Technologies


In this episode, we are delighted to be in conversation with Nick Grey, founder and Managing Director of Grey Technologies, better known to most of us as GTech.

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GTech manufactures cordless tools, with the range running from vacuum cleaners through to garden tools and equipment. In this podcast we follow Nick's journey from his earliest years and what sounds like a few idyllic years when his father's work brought Nick and his six siblings to Ireland, through a problematic secondary education and then a range of jobs that eventually led to a technicians role at vacuum manufacturer Vax.  

At Vax, Nick found that his natural tendency towards being inquisitive and curious was encouraged and applauded where school had discouraged this. He flourished in this creative environment and, over several years, he moved from technician to Senior Engineer managing their innovation and design department.   

All this time, Nick was growing in confidence in his abilities and working out how he could set up as a design engineer and manufacturer in his own right. In 2001 supported by two friends who still work with him at GTech today, Nick branched out into his garage, and GTech was born.

This interview follows an engineering mind as Nick developed in business and, from that garage in Worcestershire, has built a business that turned over more than £65 Million in 2019/20 with a Pre-Tax profit of £12.6 Million. 

GTech was announced earlier this season as the stadium sponsor for Premier League club Brentford FC in a ten-year deal. In this conversation, we explore why Nick was drawn to this deal specifically and what his plans are as the stadium sponsor for the foreseeable future. 

This was an enlightening conversation with a designer, innovator and surprisingly chilled founder/owner with insights into setting up, building and expanding a successful design and manufacturing company. 

So grab a coffee, take the dog for a walk or take us to the gym and listen to Designed for Life in conversation with Nick Grey. 

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