Primary Workshop

How to boost your creative thinking and inspire great ideas

Session Content:

This inspiring session takes us into the ingenious world of creative educational organisation Little Inventors and its founder Dominic Wilcox, an artist, designer and inventor of unusual and surprising creations such as the world's first pair of GPS shoes, a stained glass driverless car (currently in London's Science Museum), and an art exhibition for dogs. The award winning Little Inventors inspires children to gain a passion for creative thinking by bringing their ingenious invention ideas to life. 

This session will be an introduction into Dominic's creative journey which started at school, his methods of thinking up ideas, designing objects and sharing his thoughts on how children and adults can become more creative, and find more and better ideas. He will also speak about the Little Inventors activities and methods they use to inspire children around the world to think up and communicate ideas that solve problems or bring joy through invention.


Learning Outcomes:

There will also be some fun workshop activities to try out to get creativity flowing and refresh, inspire and loosen up creative thinking skills.

  • How to find ideas and creative inspiration.
  • Thinking through making and thinking through drawing.
  • Examples of engaging and inventive design projects by designer Dominic Wilcox.
  • The Little Inventors process and teaching resources.
  • Short creative activities to try out.
  • Inspirational resources to use to inspire discussion, learning and creativity.

Presented by: Dominic Wilcox, Little Inventors. 

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