Primary Workshop

Key events and individuals (designers, engineers and chefs in primary D&T)

DT: What will you be?

Session Content:

A talk that will enable you to inspire young people to shape their own futures and change the world. Drawing on real life examples from disciplines such as engineering, architecture, food technology, textile design and computer coding, we meet some of the best thinkers and designers from the past and present.

Learning Outcomes:

We will also investigate what personal qualities these innovators share, how they use them to develop their personal power and how they influence and change the world for the better.


After 10 years of working as a microbiologist, Annie Tauk stumbled into Design and Technology teaching. With no spaces left on the primary science PGCE course, the interviewer suggested she took Design Technology as a subject specialism instead. Realising that her diverse range of experiences, including sewage microbiologist at a waste water engineering company; food scientist at a food research association and Food Hygiene lecturer at a further education college would indeed allow her to reconnect with a subject that she had always loved at school, Annie made the leap. Since completing her PGCE, Annie has worked at Northwick Manor Primary School in Worcester for fifteen years and has been DT co-ordinator for the last twelve. 

Presented by: Annie Tauk, D&T Co-ordinator, Northwick Manor Primary School.

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