Design and Technology Association Hosts Webinar by Blueprint 1000 Member Autodesk

Published 6th December 2023

The Design and Technology Association hosted an educational webinar delivered by our Blueprint 1000 member, Autodesk. The event focused on unveiling the potential of Fusion 360, Autodesk's cutting-edge design and engineering software, and its transformative impact on educational settings.

This exclusive webinar brought together educators, from high schools to universities to explore the dynamic capabilities of Fusion 360.

Fusion 360

The session kicked off with an insightful overview of Fusion 360's comprehensive features, delivered by Autodesk's expert presenter Oliver Briggs. Oliver delved into Fusion 360's capabilities, ranging from 3D modelling and parametric design to simulations and manufacturing processes. He highlighted real-world success stories, showcasing how educators have seamlessly integrated Fusion 360 into their curriculum, resulting in enhanced student engagement and skill development.

Case Study

One inspiring case study shared during the webinar involved a secondary school where students utilised Fusion 360 to design and manufacture components for a robotics competition. The iterative design process facilitated by Fusion 360 not only provided hands-on experience but also nurtured critical problem-solving skills among the students.

Another noteworthy example came from a university engineering course where Fusion 360's parametric modelling and simulation proved instrumental. Students, tasked with designing a complex mechanical assembly, demonstrated a profound understanding of engineering concepts and their practical application.

Vocational Training

The positive impact of Fusion 360 in vocational training was highlighted as well, with a technical college successfully incorporating the software into their machining program. Students were able to bridge the gap between design and manufacturing, gaining valuable insights and preparing for future careers in the industry.

Unique Features

The software includes Generative Design, a cutting-edge concept utilising machine learning and aspects of artificial intelligence to create optimal designs based on defined parameters, such as loads, materials, and manufacturing methods. In addition to this, the software's cloud-based nature facilitates collaborative work, providing flexibility for users to access their data from various devices and locations.

Learning and Implementation

Educational resources, including videos are available on Autodesk's website and the Fusion 360 YouTube channel, making it accessible for users to enhance their skills. 

We extend our gratitude to Autodesk for delivering an insightful session that left an impact on the educators who attended.

If you missed the webinar or have further questions get in contact. 

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