Design and Technology Education Journal Releases PATT39 Conference Special and General Research Articles

Published 21st November 2023

The latest edition of the Design and Technology Education: An International Journal (DATE) has been released, featuring a collection of insightful articles from the PATT39 Conference 2022, as well as eight additional general research pieces. This edition is a testament to the global collaboration within the BRACE community.

Published by The Design and Technology Association, DATE serves as a pivotal platform for scholars, educators, and researchers in the field. The journal is meticulously curated and edited by Kay Stables and Lyndon Buck, ensuring a diverse and comprehensive range of contributions.

PATT39 Conference Special: Bridging Ideas and Innovation

This edition spotlights four articles contributed by members of the BRACE community who participated in the PATT39 Conference 2022. The conference, renowned for fostering dialogue and collaboration in design and technology education, has yielded thought-provoking insights from the international community.

Readers can access the PATT39 Conference Special and other research articles at DATE's official website.

General Research Articles: Pushing Boundaries in Design Education

Complementing the conference highlights are eight general research articles that delve into various facets of design and technology education. These articles, authored by experts in the field, contribute to the ongoing discourse, pushing boundaries and shaping the future of design education.

Access the Latest Insights

Educators, researchers, and enthusiasts are invited to explore the latest edition of DATE to gain valuable insights into the dynamic world of design and technology education. The articles offer a wealth of knowledge, contributing to the ongoing evolution of the field.

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