‘Future of Work UK’ Launches Nationwide Conference Series to Inspire Young Minds

Published 28th June 2024

We are proud to partner with the Future of Work UK initiative. This enterprise is making waves with a new series of unique free conferences to give young people a firsthand look at the world of design and manufacturing. This programme is designed to connect schools and businesses, encouraging partnership and helping students, teachers and parents explore career pathways. 

The Mission

The conferences will provide valuable insights into the diverse opportunities within high-tech manufacturing. Aimed at teachers, careers advisors, parents, carers and students, the events will highlight the industry’s demand for skilled workers and the essential qualifications needed in industry. Attendees will learn how roles in manufacturing are evolving, particularly in areas such as AI, digitalisation, and climate change solutions.

Creating Impact

These nationwide free conferences will celebrate the diversity of the industry and the huge variety of roles available, with a mix of expert speakers and amazing young talent who have navigated varied and inspiring training journeys into work. The campaign will play a crucial role in educating the public about the future of manufacturing employment. By addressing key topics and showcasing the impact on the UK economy, the initiative aims to better prepare the next generation for careers in this field.

Conference Schedule

The Future of Work UK has announced several key conferences for October 2024, including:

  • Renishaw, Gloucestershire
  • JCB Academy, Staffordshire
  • Warwick Manufacturing Group with Jaguar Land Rover, Coventry
  • Suffolk Consortium, Suffolk (TBC)

These events promise to be pivotal in helping students, teachers, parents and carers understand the exciting opportunities within the manufacturing sector.

The Numbers

Several impressive statistics underscore the significance of the UK manufacturing industry:

  • 7.3 million jobs are supported by manufacturing.
  • The median wage in manufacturing is 11% above the national average.
  • Manufacturing accounts for £518 billion of UK GDP.
  • The sector contributes to 34.5% of all UK goods and services exports.

For more information, visit the Future of Work UK website or get in contact with the team to find out how to get involved:

Will Stirling: will@futureofworkuk.com

Fiona Duffin: fiona@futureofworkuk.com

Adele Balzan: adele@futureofworkuk.com

Ahead of a new conference series, the team are appealing to teachers and careers advisors to share their opinions. The short survey will take less than 2 minutes: https://forms.gle/XfNFCQTnArgmhUFt7.

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