GCSE Results Day 2023

Published 24th August 2023

Navigating Challenges and Celebrating Achievements

Today marks an important milestone for thousands of students across the UK as GCSE results are released, ushering a mix of emotions for students and educators. This year, the significance of the occasion is underscored by a return to a semblance of normalcy. After a period of ongoing uncertainty and unprecedented challenges caused by the global pandemic, students across the nation have today received grades resulting from what, for most, will be the first formal examinations they have taken.


Before we delve into the GCSE results, we want to congratulate all students receiving their grades today and the teachers and technicians who helped them achieve these grades.

In a heartening turn of events, this year has witnessed a rise in GCSE results within the field of Design and Technology. Students and educators alike are celebrating this upsurge, which reflects a dedicated commitment to innovation, creativity, and hands-on learning. The increase in grades underscores the undeniable impact of passionate teaching, collaborative problem-solving, and a renewed enthusiasm for practical design skills. This accomplishment not only highlights the potential for growth and excellence within the Design and Technology domain but also serves as an inspiration for students to continue exploring their creative potential and forging paths in fields where they can flourish.

The overall number of students achieving the highest grades (7/A) or better has increased from 19.4% in 2019 to 21.1% this year (2019 comparisons are being used as this is the last time grades were determined through conventional means). This is a significant rise for the subject.

The percentage of students achieving Grade 4 (C equivalence) has also increased from 63.8% in 2019 to 65.6% this year, a significant increase of 1.8%.

We are delighted to report that for the first time in over a decade, the number of students studying GCSE design and technology has increased; this increase is admittedly marginal but is a delight to see (86,297 entries in 2022, 86,840 this year). It is also gratifying to see the number of girls taking the subject increase from last year, although we still have much to do here, with girls making up only 31% of the entry numbers overall.

It is important for all involved in these results to take a moment to celebrate the incredible feats achieved by students and educators alike. The journey to this day has been arduous, marked by extraordinary determination and resilience.

What does it mean?

For every elated student embracing their results today, there might be another grappling with disappointment. It's paramount that those who find themselves in this position turn to the guidance of teachers and experienced adults. It's vital to remember that these results do not define an individual; rather, they represent a single chapter in a much more significant growth and development narrative.

GCSE Results Day isn't a finale; it's a prologue to what lies ahead. The path forward may be paved with higher education pursuits, vocational training, apprenticeships, or creative endeavours.

Furthermore, the day is a testament to the spirit of adaptability and resilience that students have exhibited.

Tony Ryan, CEO of the Association, encapsulates the essence of this significant moment,

"The achievements revealed today stand as a testament to the immense pride students and educators can rightfully hold. These results result from their determination, ingenuity and unwavering sense of purpose."

As we absorb the implications of this year's GCSE results, let us join in a collective tribute to the unwavering dedication exhibited by both students and educators. These outcomes signify not just a conclusion but a foundational step forward on the journey of personal advancement.

Celebrating Achievement

In the end, GCSE Results Day is a celebration of human potential, a showcase of the remarkable capacity for growth and transformation. It's a reminder that education is a journey, not a destination and that pursuing knowledge is a lifelong endeavour.

As envelopes are torn open, screens are illuminated, and emotions are unmasked, let us collectively applaud the students who have embraced this journey with courage and determination.

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