Getting the design community behind a reformed design & technology

Published 3rd May 2024

As many of you know, everyone at the Design & Technology Association is focused on gaining the backing of all possible industry sectors behind the subject as we seek to place a ‘Reimagined’ design and technology at the core of the English school system.

Over the last two years, we have worked closely with the IET as they shaped their ‘Engineering Kids Futures’ report, and over the last fourteen months, we have worked alongside the Design Council to shape a Policy Briefing Paper ‘, The Future of Design & Technology Education’. This paper is set to launch in June at a high-profile London-based but truly global communication business. This launch presents the design community with an opportunity to publicly position themselves behind the subject moving forward.

We are working hard on your behalf to gather all sectors behind a ‘Reimagined’ design and technology, with clear asks for any incoming government, all backed by action and research. Watch this space for further details.

Tony Ryan, D&T Association Chief Executive Officer

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