Kendall Primary School takes part in CREATE Education’s 3D Printer Loan Scheme

Published 6th June 2024

Kendall Primary School, led by D&T Coordinator Vicky Ward, has looked at ways to enhance its design and technology curriculum through participation in CREATE Education’s 3D Printer Loan Scheme. Blueprint 1000 members, CREATE Education offers schools like Kendall Primary the opportunity to explore cutting-edge CAD and 3D printing technologies.

Prior D&T Curriculum

Before joining the scheme, Kendall Primary School's D&T curriculum lead had begun to explore the use of Tinkercad, an online CAD tool. However, specific CAD elements were not integrated into the curriculum, and the school had never utilised a 3D printer previously, so this offered an exciting opportunity to trial it in the classroom.

Motivation for Joining the Program

Vicky Ward explained the school's motivation for participating in the 3D Printer Loan Scheme: "We want to ensure we are offering our children the best opportunities we can to prepare them for becoming part of the evolving workforce of the future. Ensuring our children are exposed to new technologies, such as 3D printing, is one way we can do this. We also strive to ensure our curriculum is engaging and exciting for our children – the 3D printer did cause quiet a ‘buzz’ around school!"

Experience with the Program

The delivery and setup of the 3D printer were seamless, with Dan from CREATE Education providing invaluable assistance during the setup stages. Materials provided by CREATE Education enabled the staff to upskill themselves effectively. The school introduced CAD and 3D printing to Year 3 students initially through a keyring task. Despite initial challenges with the concept of designing on-screen, the students quickly developed new skills and enthusiasm for designing and making their own products. The children then went on to design their own animal-themed card stands.

Challenges and Recommendations

Vicky Ward highlighted some of the challenges, including ensuring the use of quality glue to prevent pieces from sticking to the print plate and the time required for printing items. However, the responsive support provided by the CREATE Education team helped address these issues promptly.

Final Thoughts

"I would wholeheartedly recommend the scheme to other schools. I lacked the skills to implement CAD in our school, but now not only do I have the skills required to run these projects, but also the confidence to do so. This project has demonstrated the transformative potential of technology in education."

Kendall Primary School’s participation in CREATE Education’s 3D Printer Loan Scheme has provided innovative learning experiences and equipped students with skills essential for the future. For more information about similar initiatives, contact:

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