Learning with Autodesk TinkerCAD

Published 18th January 2024

Astrid Øie, representing Autodesk, welcomed teachers to an online webinar hosted by the Design & Technology Association to explore the diverse features of TinkerCAD. Joining her was Sonya Horton from CREATE Education, a key Autodesk Learning Partner and Blueprint 1000 member. The session aimed to showcase TinkerCAD's capabilities in 3D design, electronics, coding, and its application in education.

TinkerCAD Overview

TinkerCAD offers a user-friendly workplane for 3D modelling, allowing users to create intricate designs through drag-and-drop functionality. With the shapes library and advanced tools like CodeBlocks, users can easily build and manipulate designs, encouraging creativity.

Versatility Across Workspaces

3D Design: Participants learned to navigate the 3D design interface, utilising basic shapes, scribble tools, and importing existing 3D models. They explored the LEGO bricks feature, allowing designs to be transformed into LEGO-compatible models.

Circuits: TinkerCAD's circuits interface enables the creation and simulation of electronic circuits. The session highlighted the simulation of circuits, including the integration of micro:bits for combined electronics and programming projects.

CodeBlocks: Participants delved into the CodeBlocks interface, utilising blocks to create intricate designs and patterns. This interface provided a unique way to combine coding with 3D modelling.

Classroom Functionality

TinkerCAD offers support for teachers, allowing them to create and manage classes easily. They can monitor students' progress, provide feedback, and download their designs directly. The platform's activity feature facilitates the assignment of tasks and projects, streamlining the learning process.

Collaborative Learning and Accessibility

Participants discovered the collaborative aspect of TinkerCAD, emphasising its cloud-based nature. Designs are instantly saved, and accessible from any device with an internet connection. The platform encourages collaborative learning, enabling students to work on projects both in and outside the classroom.

With its intuitive interfaces, collaborative features, and extensive support for educators, TinkerCAD is as a powerful, free tool for fostering creativity, problem-solving, and hands-on learning in students.

TinkerCAD Resources

We have a range of tutorials available free for members of the D&T Assocation covering TinkerCAD. Click on the links below to access:

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