Primary D&T Subject Leadership CPD

Published 14th March 2024

At a recent training day hosted at MAKE UK, Paul Woodward, Curriculum Consultant at the Design & Technology Association, delivered a full-day course tailored for primary subject leaders. The focus of the session was to equip educators with essential skills to effectively lead Design and Technology (D&T) in primary schools.

This training session aimed to empower primary subject leaders to develop a clear vision and plan for delivering a cohesive D&T curriculum. With a focus on aligning with the Ofsted Inspection Framework, participants learned practical strategies to enhance children’s attainment and progress.

Throughout the day, attendees engaged in hands-on activities and discussions covering various aspects of D&T subject leadership. Topics included curriculum planning for Key Stages 1 and 2, monitoring and evaluation techniques, effective management of tools and materials, leading staff CPD sessions, and implementing assessment systems.

Participants also received the Primary Subject Leadership file, a valuable resource containing support materials and guidance to aid their leadership journey in D&T education.

By the end of the course, educators gained confidence and practical skills to lead their schools in delivering high-quality D&T education. Equipped with actionable strategies, they are now better prepared to support their teams and drive improvement in D&T teaching and learning.

Paul remarks, “They were a great bunch of delegates, open minded and all contributed to some interesting discussions with their own ideas for how to develop an exciting and engaging curriculum. The site was also very inspirational and we will definitely take a tour of the facilities next time. Lunch was incredible too and the staff could not be more helpful.”

Through targeted training and support, teachers are better equipped to deliver engaging and impactful D&T lessons, ultimately enriching the learning experiences of their students. Have a look at our training calendar via the link to access all of our upcoming training days.

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