New resources: Primary STEM Project and F1 in Schools Primary Class

Published 4th February 2021

The Denford Primary STEM Project gives an opportunity to introduce STEM learning at an early age in a fun and exciting way. This innovative, stand-alone classroom resource also gives an ideal introduction to the new F1 in Schools Primary Class – the first step on the F1 in Schools ladder.

Although separate projects, these allow for progression through real-life applications of STEM. In the Primary STEM Project pupils design and make their own miniature racing car and test its aerodynamic qualities using the launch system and unique roll-out race track.

The new F1 in Schools Primary Class provides pupils with a hugely accessible first step on the ladder to competing in the global F1 in Schools STEM Challenge.

Free downloadable curriculum resources are available to help you to deliver inspirational and interactive lessons for STEM-related subjects. These include fact sheets and activity sheets to help pupils develop STEM skills through practical, hands-on learning.

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