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Published 20th December 2021

New Special Issue 26.4 Design Education: Teaching in Crisis
We are pleased to announce the publication of a new special issue guest edited by Derek Jones and Nicole Lotz of the Open University UK. This special issue focuses on research undertaken during the COVID-19 pandemic, which provides insights into how teaching and learning was affected and changed during this era. We would like to thank the guest editors and the authors for the work that has gone into capturing research during the challenging times of the pandemic. The articles are illuminating and invaluable, as researchers share ideas, challenges and insights into design education during this disruptive period.

The full issue can be downloaded here.

This issue is 26.4 – the first time we have had a fourth issue in a calendar year. We think there is particular value in publishing special issues as additional to the regular three annual issues and would be interested in hearing views on this. In addition, if any readers are interested in discussing a potential special issue with us, please get in touch.
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