SCITT: Enhancing Visual Communication Skills

Published 4th June 2024

Our Design and Technology focused School-Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT) programme is underway. Trainees at The Pioneers Partnership gain QTS on completion of the one-year school-centred programme. Despite the focus being on secondary education, trainees will also be looking at primary and post-16 education to give them a holistic view of the D&T landscape.

Curriculum Consultant Paul Woodward recently delivered a comprehensive, face-to-face SCITT session. This is just one of the great intensive sessions we do as part of a wider offering of specialist training for delegates.

The focus of this training was to effectively communicate ideas visually aiming to equip trainees with the confidence and proficiency needed to support students in their journey of visual communication.

Objectives and Aims

The primary aim  was to build upon existing knowledge of drawing and CAD modelling and elevating competence in delivering communication skills within Design and Technology lessons.

Drawing and Sketching

The morning session kicked off with a delve into honing drawing and sketching abilities. Attendees revisited basic concepts such as geometric and freehand drawing, as well as more advanced techniques like perspective drawing and digital drawing where available. Rendering techniques using traditional media, markers, and lighting are explored, along with technical drawing and the use of CAD models for ‘sketching over’.

3D Modelling

In the afternoon, the focus shifts to physical forms of communication through 3D modelling. Trainees had the opportunity to translate their drawings into tangible models using traditional modelling materials such as card, paper, and foam. This hands-on approach enhances their understanding of spatial concepts and bridges the gap between 2D representations and 3D objects. Trainees realised their earlier sketches of toasters into simple cardboard prototypes.

Outcomes and Next Steps

By the end of the session, trainees produced a range of drawing worksheets and experimented with various rendering techniques. They also explored annotated design sheets, understanding their significance in conveying detailed information about a design concept.

Looking ahead, trainees will consider how the skills acquired in this session can be integrated into project planning. They will assess the appropriate levels at which these skills can be introduced, developed, and utilised within the curriculum, paving the way for a seamless integration of visual communication skills into Design and Technology education.

By strengthening their visual communication skills, they are better equipped to guide students through the intricacies of the design process, fostering creativity and innovation in the classroom. Through a blend of theory and hands-on practice, this session lays the foundation for a future generation of designers and technologists who can articulate their ideas with clarity and precision. This was just one training day in a comprehensive program of over 40 sessions made up of in person, online and e-learning approaches. It has been another successful year of supporting the Pioneers Partnership SCITT, and another group of trainees will soon be joining the D&T classrooms across the UK, confident and fully trained as well has having their D&TA certification in five key practical areas of the subject.

We are able to help SCITT’s all over the country, so if you would like further information about what we can offer please email

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