Successful Three-Day D&T CPD Event

Published 10th August 2023

We held a successful three-day training course at our headquarters in Banbury this month to equip secondary teachers with limited experience in teaching design and technology the tools they need to deliver a comprehensive and dynamic D&T curriculum.

The course attracted teachers from various schools, some as far as Dubai, all eager to enhance their understanding of D&T and refine their teaching techniques. Over the three-day period, participants engaged in a series of intensive discussions, workshops, and hands-on experiences with our knowledgeable Curriculum Consultant Paul Woodward.

Comprehensive Curriculum Enhancement

Throughout the event, teachers gained valuable insights into how D&T effectively fits within the school curriculum and how to deliver it effectively with fun and hands-on activities.

Participants acquired knowledge of the key stages of secondary education and learned how to strategically plan a 5 or 7-year D&T curriculum. This resulted in greater confidence among teachers in their long-term plans and lesson sequencing.

The event also explored context-based design approaches, giving educators a deeper understanding of the content and how to deliver it in a way that engages students. Additionally, teachers honed their skills in using CAD, CAM, and visual communication, which are vital tools in modern D&T education.

Paul reflects on how the course went; “I have worked with a bunch of fantastic people over the three days who have not only stepped up to help keep the subject going in their schools, but have given up their holiday time to attend an intensive course, and I do mean intensive. I have seen seasoned D&T teachers burnt out after a day's training, but these guys never flagged or complained, and accomplished all tasks set and much more.

It was a genuine pleasure to meet such lovely positive teachers and watch them leave the course full of enthusiasm and determined to teach the subject well.”

Practical Experience

The hands-on component of the course played a pivotal role in empowering teachers with practical experience. Participants had the opportunity to work with various materials, including timbers, polymers, textiles, electronics, and modelling materials.

Curriculum Planning and Control

The third day of the event focused on long, mid, and short-term curriculum planning. Educators learned effective techniques for ensuring progression in learning and integrating common processes, tools, and machinery. The session on Systems & Control and CAM highlighted the importance of technological integration in modern D&T education.

Teachers left the event with a heightened understanding of D&T and improved confidence in their teaching abilities. These teachers are set to ignite a passion for creativity and innovation in the next generation of designers and engineers.

Read more about Paul

Paul is a highly experienced and accomplished educator in Design and Technology with 30 years of teaching and leadership experience. Holding an MA in Education (Professional Development) and a background as a trained 3D designer. Paul has served as an AQA moderator and examiner for two decades and contributed to educational resources as a consultant for organisations like BBC Bitesize, V&A, Doddle/Boardworks, PG Online, and Focus Educational.

Paul's expertise extends to sharing valuable insights as a resource producer, blogger, and article author for TES. Currently, he is shaping the future of D&T education as a Programme Leader for the Cambridge PDQ in Teaching and Learning and delivering D&T training for the SCITT at Manchester Met.

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Three-day Intensive D&T Training For Non-Specialists
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Time: 09:30 - 16:30
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