Unlocking the Future: The Role of Robotics Education & Competition in Shaping Tomorrow's Innovators

Published 17th May 2024

Recently we were joined by our Webinar host Paul McKnight, Head of Operations (Europe) at VEX Robotics—one of our Blueprint1000 members, and a group of excited teachers to hear all about this years VEX Robotics World Championship.

Paul started off by explaining that at VEX Robotics, they believe that all students are scientists and engineers at heart who thrive on asking questions, experimenting and simply playing. Using the thrill of robotics mixed with competition, the VEX Robotics World Championship allows students to envision themselves as budding STEM experts by tapping into their natural curiosity and enthusiasm.

The Competition In Brief

With two main categories, VEX IQ— Primary and Secondary up to age 15 and VEX V5— Secondary School, College, and University, the competition is fierce.

VEX IQ: Rapid Relay is a fun robotics challenge where teams of two robots work together on a small field, passing balls, scoring points, and showing off their skills in 60-second matches. It's a fantastic way for students to learn teamwork and strategy while having a blast! For the older competitors, VEX V5: High Stakes amps up the excitement with a thrilling robotics game where teams battle it out to score points by placing rings on stakes, moving mobile goals, and climbing a ladder. It's all about strategy and skill in this action-packed competition

If you’d like to find out how to get involved and what equipment you’ll need you can either contact Paul directly or contact the RECF.

Get Inspired

Imagine taking on the world with robots! That's what Freddie Sweetman did, starting his journey at Arnold Lodge School in Leamington Spa. From tinkering with robots to leading his own team, Freddie's passion led him to the VEX Robotics World Championships in Texas. Alongside teammates Tom and Henry, they inspired more students to join in, making Arnold Lodge School a hub of robotic creativity. For Freddie, VEX isn't just about building robots; it's about learning new skills, making quick decisions, and having a blast with friends. Plus, it's all about STEM, making learning fun and interactive. Their success didn't go unnoticed, winning awards and inspiring others to dive into the world of robotics. Freddie's dream? To get every kid, from 4 to 17, involved in the excitement of VEX robotics. With his dedication and passion, the sky's the limit for Freddie Sweetman!

VEX GO Demo Kit Loan Scheme

Excited to bring innovation into your classroom? Take advantage of the VEX GO Demo Kit Loan Scheme! It's the perfect opportunity to explore the wonders of VEX robotics without any upfront costs. With user-friendly coding and thrilling competitive options, your students will be engaged like never before. Simply email Amy, and let's kickstart this educational adventure together!

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