VEX Robotics UK Finals

Published 4th March 2024

Our Director of Education Ryan Ball was thrilled to attend the first day of the VEX Robotics UK Finals. This marks his second attendance at the event, and he continues to be astounded by the talent and dedication displayed by the participating students.

Reflecting on the experience, Ryan expressed admiration for the range of skills showcased throughout the competition. From intense sprinting to team camaraderie, from quick problem-solving to high-fives of celebration, the event was a testament to the students' commitment and passion for robotics.

He remarked, "There is so much dedication, skill, commitment, design, engineering, and more on display—it's truly amazing to witness." 

Ryan extended his appreciation to the teachers for providing their students with such an enriching opportunity. He emphasized the importance of initiatives like the VEX Robotics competition in nurturing young engineering talent and preparing them for promising futures.

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