VEX Training Day

Published 17th January 2024

We had a training day at our Banbury office today delivered by VEX Robotics. The session was led by Paul McKnight and Chris Calver who shared valuable insights and practical demonstrations with the Design and Technology Association team. The duo demonstrated the learning opportunities available in the field of robotics education using the VEX GO kits.

The day started with an introduction to VEX GO and its unique features. VEX GO offers an affordable construction system designed to teach STEM fundamentals to young students through hands-on activities. The platform encourages all students to get involved in coding and engineering in an accessible way.


The D&T Association team were tasked with assembling an astronaut character from the kit and building a spaceship using components like linear slides and other parts. This exercise was a great introduction to the kit and gave an overview on how it could be introduced into the classroom.

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VEXcode GO

We looked at the electronics, motors and sensors in the VEX GO kit. Robots can be coded using the VEXcode GO tool. This offers an opportunity to inspire students by providing easy-to-access coding through an online platform that is simple to navigate and doesn’t require a login. To keep things organised, the system employs colour-coded parts and designated storage, helping teachers maintain order while facilitating student learning.

See VEXcode GO platform here

VEXcode VR

The team also introduced the VEXcode VR platform which enables students to explore the VEXcode interface and test the coding on a virtual platform. This offers an opportunity for teachers to set challenges and introduce the principles prior to using it on the kit.

See VEXcode VR platform here

VEX IQ Robotics Competition

The VEX IQ Robotics Competition offers an opportunity for teams to design and build robots to participate in regional competitions and the UK national competition. It follows a structured format and each year a new game is introduced to keep it fresh. The competition kit includes field tiles to create an arena and diverse parts for various scenarios. With four scenarios in one field kit, the competition presents challenges for students to solve. It's a versatile tool offering development opportunities without the constraints of specific timelines or events.

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Free Webinar

Discover the possibilities of VEX GO in your classroom by joining our webinar on February 6th, 2024, from 16:30 to 17:30. The session covers lesson plan integration, programming options with tablets or laptops, and insights into hosting friendly robotics competitions in your classroom. Plus attendees can get a free 4-week kit loan to familiarise themselves with the technology.

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