Are you really teaching D&T? and D&T Principles guidance

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Are you really teaching D&T? and D&T Principles guidance
Ages 5-11
First published 2014

One of the main aims of the 2014 programmes of study for D&T is to clarify the nature of the subject. It is important to check that the D&T you are teaching is genuine D&T, particularly when linking it to other subjects or cross-curricular topics. This PowerPoint will help you decide whether the projects you are teaching have the necessary ingredients to be design and technology and the accompanying guidance will help you evaluate medium and short-term planning in design and technology in relation to each of the 'D&T principles': User, Purpose, Functionality, Design Decisions, Innovation and Authenticity to ensure that each principle is adequately addressed over the course of a year or key stage

The PowerPoint could be used to support whole school CPD or by classroom teachers, subject leaders and curriculum managers to evaluate curriculum planning.

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