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Let’s Look at Products

Ages 3-5 years

This resource focuses on children investigating and evaluating products. It includes three PowerPoint presentations with examples of cups, slippers and cutlery, but practitioners should use these as starting points and adapt the resource to include products that would engage their children. There are many ways in which the activities could be implemented: they could be used to develop communication and language skills and PSE development; perhaps linked to a topic such as Ourselves, Myself or Things we Use; or they could be linked to a story such as the Three Bears. The questions are designed to develop children’s creative and critical thinking skills and to encourage them to identify a possible user and purpose for the product; the materials that have been used and why they have been chosen; and the thinking behind the different designs. Whilst there are illustrations of a wide range of products this is just a beginning and it is hoped that the children would have many, varied collections of products to handle themselves.

An accompanying document includes lesson planning for four lessons including the learning intentions, activities, vocabulary and assessment opportunities.

NB: The resource pre-dates the 2012 changes to the EYFS Statutory Framework and does not contain details of the updated early learning goals or assessment.

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