Projects on a Page full pack of 23 planners – two new for 2023

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Ages 5-11
First published 2016; latest update June 2023

This item is a download, and the link will be sent by email to you once payment is received. Updated with new links and content this includes the full range of 23 planners. 

The Projects on a Page scheme of work was introduced in 2014 to help primary schools in England implement the National Curriculum for D&T in an imaginative way. Based on universal principles of effective teaching and learning in D&T, it is also a valuable resource for schools in other parts of the UK and further afield.

Two new planners for 2023


Year 3-6 The Key Practitioners- focuses on a selection of recommended key individuals from across the design and technology specialisms. This is focused for KS2 but can be delivered at any time across those year groups. The planner gives your ideas for how you can incorporate key individuals into your planning and units of work as well as giving you an overview of each of the recommended individuals so as to help you select the most relevant practitioner for your planning and also to introduce them to your pupils.

Year 5/6 Frame Structures using Tinkercad - looks at how Tinkercad can be used to explore frame structures in Years 5 and 6, but also how the new simulation tools can be used to test the virtual models. It is an FEA (Finite Element Analysis) at primary level. FEA is used in advanced programs by some secondary schools to test structures and components in CAD using virtual materials.

  • ·        Year 1/2 Mechanisms - Sliders and levers
  • ·        Year 1/2 Structures - Freestanding structures
  • ·        Year 1/2 Food - Preparing fruit and vegetables
  • ·        Year 1/2 Textiles - Templates and joining techniques
  • ·        Year 1/2 Mechanisms - Wheels and axles
  • ·        Year 3/4 Mechanical Systems - Levers and linkages
  • ·        Year 3/4 Mechanical Systems - Pneumatics
  • ·        Year 3/4 Structures - Shell structures using computer-aided design
  • ·        Year 3/4 Electrical Systems - Simple programming and control
  • ·        Year 3/4 Textiles - 2-D shape to 3-D product
  • ·        Year 3/4 Food - Healthy and varied diet
  • ·        Year 3/4 Structures - Shell structures
  • ·        Year 3/4 Electrical Systems - Simple circuits and switches
  • ·        Year 3-6 The Key Practitioners - NEW
  • ·        Year 5/6 Food - Celebrating culture and seasonality
  • ·        Year 5/6 Textiles - Combining different fabric shapes
  • ·        Year 5/6 Structures - Frame structures
  • ·        Year 5/6 Frame Structures using Tinkercad - NEW
  • ·        Year 5/6 Electrical Systems - More complex switches and circuits
  • ·        Year 5/6 Mechanical Systems - Pulleys or gears
  • ·        Year 5/6 Mechanical Systems - Cams
  • ·        Year 5/6 Textiles - Using computer-aided design in textiles
  • ·        Year 5/6 Electrical Systems - Monitoring and control


Levers and Linkages and Pneumatics provide alternative ways of teaching Mechanical systems at Year 3/4, as do Cams and Pulleys and Gears at Year 5/6. The two new Electrical Systems planners focus on the Crumble microcontroller. Full guidance is given in the accompanying booklet showing how to use the planners to full effect and the context in which they should be used.

Each planner has 20-step planning guidance and accompanying teacher tips, a glossary, an example of iterative design appropriate to the project, and practical advice on using resources.

Side 1 of the planners is supplied as an editable digital version that you can adapt and print out.

What teachers say:

“It is excellent! Skills are progressive and the way it's been written allows for teacher creativity and pupil voice.”

“It's so much stronger than previous publications. I love the fact that it's not prescriptive like previous material. It fits into topics/themes well and can be easily adapted by editing planning!”

"It's the practical application of the skills in an ideal design and make task that also links to a topic or context! Less paper work and delivered in a real, meaningful context. I love it!!”

“It’s brilliant!”

The Design and Technology Association originally developed Projects on a Page in 2014 with frequent updates since that time. The D&T Association therefore owns all intellectual property rights to this resource. No part of these materials may be copied or shared with anyone other than the purchaser (individual or school) for non-commercial educational purposes only.

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