Design and Technology Mark

Celebrating excellence in design and technology teaching and learning

Design and Technology Mark

The Design and Technology Mark is a quality mark awarded to secondary departments and primary schools who are providing excellent teaching and learning in Design and Technology. 

It is awarded to schools who can demonstrate they fully meet all the descriptors in the Self-Review Framework.

Schools who have been awarded the D&T Mark have undertaken a rigorous evaluation process, and have clearly demonstrated the quality of their work across:

  • Curriculum Planning
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Leadership and Capacity
  • Resources and Safety

The following schools are currently recognised Design and Technology Mark schools, with a number more currently working towards the award.



Aled Ballard, Shirelands Collegiate Academy

“We found the process to be quite straightforward and very thorough, making us revisit things that we do on a daily basis but maybe not evidence as we should, as a subject leader it helped immensely to self-evaluate our department and highlights areas for further progression over the next 12 months.”

“The department is constantly evolving, developing and striving for success and this process has helped us to further enhance our already hugely successful department.”

Kenny Midwinter, Valley Community School

“Working towards achieving the D&T Mark helps a co-ordinator look at the broad scope of the subject thereby helping identify what is being done particularly well, but also where there are areas for improvement.”

“Crucially, during these busy times for teachers, the D&T principles are helping staff better understand what good quality D&T looks like and that rather than increasing the workload, improvements are being brought about by changes of emphasis in the way D&T is delivered thereby improving learning outcomes.”


Richard Green, a D&T Mark moderator:

“Whilst schools clearly value the award of the D&T Mark, I believe its true value lies in the process they have to go through in order to obtain it. Thoroughly reviewing all aspects of practice and provision in D&T, and being able to evidence it, forces schools to critically analyse, reflect and in some cases, modify, what they do. In the current educational climate, it is essential that schools are able to articulate and justify what D&T is and why it is such an important part of every child’s education. The Self Review Framework and the D&T Mark are vital tools in helping schools do this.”

Applying for the D&T Mark

In order to be eligible to apply for the D&T Mark you need to complete the Self-Review Framework, uploading evidence against each framework descriptor. Your application is reviewed by a moderator who will help you complete the process. It is then cross-moderated to ensure standards and consistency and to ensure that those successful schools truly represent high quality design and technology teaching and learning. For schools wishing to apply for the Mark there is a fee payable in two instalments. For further information contact

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