Secondary Workshop

Embedding control into the D&T curriculum with the BBC micro:bit

Session Content:

What is the micro:bit? 

  • it’s a micro-controller packaged on a small board with buttons, LEDs and sensors that you program using a computer, phone or tablet using simple blocks. It makes abstract concepts tangible, and students can get results in seconds.

What can it do?

  • you can use it to make real, working electronic products, prototype larger systems or make larger, connected systems using radio. Simple projects like a step counter, name badge or dice can be used as starting points 

How is it relevant to the D&T curriculum?

  • The micro:bit makes it simple to teach the control systems part of the technical knowledge KS3 curriculum, with its built-in sensors and simple block-coding

Presented by: Giles Booth, Education Content Manager at Micro:bit Educational Foundation

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