Design Education International is the global brand of the D&T Association. Founded over 20 years ago as the Design and Technology Association, we are recognised as the UK leader in the field of design and technology education.

Design Education International

What is Design Education International?

Design Education International is the global brand of the Design & Technology Association. We have worked extensively with the UK Department for Education together with civil servants, examination boards, local authorities, head-teachers and with teachers.

Design Education International offers a wide range of consultancy services in primary and secondary curriculum development including specification of curriculum models, vocational qualifications frameworks and academic examinations, development of classroom delivery models and techniques, design and implementation of pupil assessments and development and implementation of teacher training programmes. The Design & Technology subject area includes electronics, manufacturing, engineering, textiles technology, food technology and catering, computer aided design and manufacture.

Why is Design Education International important?

We are the leading UK voice in the field of design and technology education and are a recognised contributor to debates around policy and curriculum development.

In the UK we have delivered major curriculum projects across schools in England – Computer Aided Designing and Computer Aided Manufacture (CAD/CAM) in Schools, Electronics in Schools, Supporting the New Secondary Curriculum and Teaching Food Safely.

Worldwide we have supported D&T teaching in Singapore, China, Dubai and Europe. Our expert team has many years of experience of working with the UK government, civil servants, examination boards, local authorities, head-teachers and with teachers themselves.

Working Together with Design Education International

The Design & Technology Association and Design Education International have been involved in delivering several high profile projects in partnership with major corporations designed to bringing businesses and the classroom closer together. These include the James Dyson Foundation Innovation Group, aimed at creating the next generation of inspiring design and technology teachers, born from the Audi Design Foundation where a New Talent Group was run. Previous partners have also included Sainsbury’s who we worked closely with on the Active Kids Get Cooking programme.

Department for Education (UK)

“The Department is very grateful for the work that the Design and Technology Association has undertaken on its behalf, and for the clear and positive contribution that you have made to improving digital technologies and vocational education in schools.”

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