Foster + Partners Inspires Educators through D&T Association’s Teachers in Residence Programme

Published 13th November 2023

Foster + Partners recently hosted five educators as part of the D&T Association’s transformative Teachers in Residence Programme. Led by Peter Garstecki, Education Manager at Foster + Partners, the placement aimed to introduce the intricacies of Architecture, Engineering, and Design from an industry perspective to educators. 

Program Highlights and Positive Outcomes

The placement, while intense, proved to be rewarding. Educators gained valuable insights into Architecture, Engineering, and Design, acquiring skills crucial for future teaching. Engaging moments during the program fostered professional development. Exposure to diverse apprenticeship presentations broadened their perspectives, resulting in a rich learning experience.

Impact on the Organisation

The program sparked meaningful discussions within Foster + Partners, particularly on product design and influencing government policies to enhance Design & Technology subjects. Internal conversations now revolve around aligning with educational scopes and enriching the Design & Technology curriculum.

Future Collaborations and Expansion of Opportunities

Foster + Partners plans to sustain connections with educators and students, considering potential projects and seminar collaborations with the Association. This initiative aims to spread awareness about roles within the architecture field beyond conventional perceptions. Furthermore, discussions are underway for collaborations with university-level students and organisations focusing on underrepresented groups, expanding opportunities for aspiring architects.

The Teachers in Residence Programme emerges as a successful initiative, fostering collaboration between industry leaders like Foster + Partners and educators. The program not only enhances learning experiences for teachers but also provides valuable insights for students, bridging the gap between education and industry.

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