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Are you a D&T teacher that would like the opportunity to go on placement?

Teachers In Residence

The Association are offering our members the opportunity to take part in a three to five day internship with a UK-based design, engineering, manufacturing or construction business, to get an in-depth understanding of modern industry and the knowledge, skills and personal attributes sought by employers.

This internship will help you to develop a deeper understanding of modern industry and the technical skills and attributes required by employers which will give you to have a clearer view of the career pathways. You will be able to forge industry links and identify opportunities available for your students and support your school's delivery of the government careers strategy.

We will match you to a company where you will be fully immersed in their day to day activity, from working across different departments, attendance at client meetings and as far as possible and hopefully it will provide a 360-degree first hand experience of working in industry. To qualify you will need to either commit these days as holiday or agree release with your school.

This is a free programme that is managed by the Design and Technology Association and supported by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE)


What teachers say about their placement within industry


"I wanted to meet designers with different job roles, understand how they tackled the design process and try to draw connections between our curriculum and their way of working". Rebecca Topps, teacher in residence at Bulletproof...Read more

 "My experience of studying these manufacturing protocols within a real engineering environment developed further my understanding as well as my teaching of the subject". Mark Preston, teacher in residence at Heraeus Conamic...Read more

"I decided that I was going to educate myself, not necessarily because they will have a direct impact on my teaching, or learners progress, but because the more I know, the greater the wealth of opportunity I can offer to my students".  Stuart Dashwood, teacher in residence at Prodrive...Read more

"The teachers in residence programme has given me a great insight into what engineering employers are looking for in school leaver employees, helping to ensure our pupils have the skills and aptitude for the employment roles that are offered". Steven Wilkinson, teacher in residence at Husqvarna...Read more

"I have hired Junior Designers, strategists, a HR team, client services, recruiter, owner and many more and I am operating the classroom as a design consultancy. My pupils LOVE that their attributes can be harnessed for creative industries as well as academic ones". Stephanie Tomlinson, teacher in residence at Bulletproof...Read More


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