Inspired by Industry: New Contexts

Published 4th January 2024

We are excited to release three more contexts as part of our range of free resources for KS3. Have a look below:

Lisi Aerospace

Lisi Aerospace are a worldwide manufacturing specialist for assembly solutions as well as engine and structural components used in aircrafts. This context asks you to consider ‘Reducing weight without compromising strength’.


JCB are one of the world’s largest construction equipment manufacturers. Their brand is well known in the UK and overseas and can be seen on a wide range of construction machinery. This context asks you to consider ‘Cleaning up the environment’.

Lamb Industries

Lamb Industries are a UK based design consultancy. This context asks you to consider: Making gardening more accessible’.

What is Inspired by Industry?

‘Inspired by Industry’ is a set of design contexts to address the ever-changing needs of the Design and Technology curriculum. Rather than take a ‘project-driven approach to designing and making, they each start with a real-world design context provided by an industry partner of the Design and Technology Association. 

The contexts are authentic to the companies providing them with opportunities for teachers to use these with students.

The contexts are editable and are a starting point for you to focus your teaching of Design and Technology. They feature hidden slides for teachers only and you can add and remove elements as you wish!

Additional member-only content

D&T Association members also have access to an extensive range of FT’s and IEAs that address aspects of the national curriculum such as investigation, designing, making, and evaluating and more.

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