New Designers Exhibition Showcases the Future of Design

Published 4th July 2024

Our visit to the New Designers Exhibition left us thoroughly impressed! The graduates' work showcases impressive creativity, intuition, and polish, providing a truly inspirational glimpse into the future of design.


Championing Emerging Talent Since 1985

New Designers has been highlighting the UK’s most innovative emerging design talent since 1985. This annual London event features over 3,000 graduates from more than 200 universities, presenting visionary ideas across fashion, textiles, furniture, product design, illustration, and more.

Spotlight on Innovation

Ella Sainsbury, a graduate from Nottingham Trent University, presented "Pressed," a sustainable packaging project using grape pomace. This biodegradable solution highlights the potential of waste-derived materials and aims to reduce reliance on virgin materials, offering a sustainable alternative to traditional packaging.

Lily Tregenza, studying Industrial Design and Technology at Brunel, showcased "Doodle Dot." This innovative project addresses early childhood social isolation by promoting collaborative construction in an anxiety-reducing environment. Doodle Dot helps children aged 3 to 5 build imaginative worlds and develop social skills at their own pace.

Join the Design Revolution

Don't miss this incredible showcase! New Designers is a celebration of creativity, sustainability, and the boundless potential of the next generation of designers.

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