Primary Engineer: Inspiring the Next Generation of Problem-Solvers!

Published 5th June 2024

Representatives from the Design & Technology Association recently attended the Primary Engineer “If you were an engineer, what would you do?” competition at Coventry University. Coventry University is one of their partners for the West Central England region. The event showcasing the incredible creativity of young minds. Tens of thousands of students from across the UK participated, and their ideas were truly inspiring!

One particularly clever entry, from a Year 1 student, was glow-in-the-dark pavement kerb paint to improve nighttime safety. Another brilliant concept, by a Year 4 student, involved a self-plumping pillow–genius! 

The event wasn’t just about imagination; it showcased the power of turning ideas into reality. Colin Thorneycroft, from Coventry University’s performance engineering centre, brought a student’s concept to life – a lifesaving streetlamp! This amazing invention features a button to call 999, a built-in first-aid kit, defibrillator, and even a webcam for communication during emergencies.

Adding another layer to the experience was meeting a dedicated teacher, Mrs. Patel from Handsworth School in Birmingham. She brought a selection of her students to walk around the exhibition, hoping to inspire them. It was heartwarming to see their wide-eyed wonder as they explored the student inventions.

Following the exhibition, we were fortunate to receive a private tour led by Patricia Ashman, Associate Head of Engineering at Coventry University. The tour offered a fascinating glimpse into the facilities that nurture future engineers. From cutting-edge labs to high-tech workshops, it became clear why Primary Engineer decided to host the exhibition at Coventry University. This environment perfectly complements the competition’s mission of sparking creativity and fostering a passion for STEM fields.

Every year their university and industry partners chooses one of the entries submitted to turn into a prototype which they make throughout the academic year and unveil at the regional award ceremony and public exhibition during the summer term.

If you’re looking for ways to encourage young minds in your life, this competition is a fantastic resource. It shows the boundless potential of young engineers and the incredible impact their ideas can have on the world!

Register on the competition website to experience the joy of engineering in 2024/2025 academic year.

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