VEX GO Demo Kit Loan Scheme

Published 7th March 2024

Embark on an educational journey with VEX GO, the latest addition to the VEX Robotics lineup. We had a recent training day at the Design & Technology Association's Banbury office, led by experts Paul McKnight and Chris Calver, highlighted the incredible potential of VEX GO in classroom settings.

One of the features of VEX GO is a user-friendly coding platform, VEXcode GO. This online tool allows students to program their robots effortlessly, with no login required. Utilising color-coded parts and designated storage, VEXcode GO ensures an organised and seamless learning experience for both teachers and students.

VEX GO opens doors to competitive opportunities through the VEX IQ Robotics Competition. Teams can design and build robots to compete in regional and national events, with each year introducing a new game to keep participants engaged. The competition kit includes field tiles and diverse parts, providing students with endless possibilities to innovate and problem-solve.

Free Loan Kits Available

The VEX GO Demo Kit offers teachers the opportunity to evaluate its capabilities firsthand. With brief training required, it's free to try and includes return postage after the trial has completed meaning no costs are incurred to try it out. Email to request your kit today.

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