Example Long-Term Plan for Primary D&T

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Example Long-Term Plan 2014
First published 2014

This is an editable Word version of the example D&T long-term plan included in issue 24 of D&T Primary. It suggests both the aspect to be taught and the age-related focus for children’s learning.

To ensure that children receive the breadth of learning required by the National Curriculum and that they increase their knowledge, understanding and skills over time, it is essential to devise such a long-term plan. You should aim to complete one project per term or six projects in KS1 and twelve in KS2 to meet the requirements of the National Curriculum Programme of Study. The order in which projects are taught can vary to match themes or topics taught in other subjects in your school.

The plan covers Mechanisms, Structures, Food, Textiles and Electrical Systems and links to the planning and advice contained in the fifteen project planners in Projects on a Page, which has five planners for each of Key Stage 1 (years 1 and 2), early Key Stage 2 (years 3 and 4) and late Key Stage 2 (years 5 and 6).

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