Royal Opera House: Create & Design KS1/2 CPD

Published 14th November 2023

Participate in an upcoming workshop tailored for those working with primary school children, open to both teachers and creative practitioners.

This unique opportunity allows you to collaborate with professionals from the Royal Opera House, delving into creative careers and engaging in hands-on design activities inspired by the ballet "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland." Depart with a wealth of activities and resources to enrich your KS1/2 staff's teaching experience.

Create & Design (KS2) is a transformative program fostering design skills, creative problem-solving, empathy, and connections between STEM and the arts, all using the ballet as a stimulus.

Led by the Royal Opera House's expert artists, their CPD training explores the fundamentals of stage design, empowering you to implement creative techniques confidently in the classroom. This initiative is part of The ROH National Schools Programme and is free for all state-funded primary schools. Following the CPD, access interactive live-streamed workshops, implement five flexible lesson schemes of work, and celebrate your learning with ROH artists and schools nationwide.

Register for the "Meet the Artists" event, apply their schemes of work in your classroom, and join the live-streamed celebration on March 22, 2024, or July 17, 2024.

Further details will be shared at the CPD, and for inquiries, contact

Register here

Watch their film link for a sneak peek here.

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